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Jason Resnick


Meet our (head)trainer Jason Resnick, also the founder & owner of Resnick’s! 

‘My life has revolved around training and martial arts ever since I was young. There is hardly a day where I don’t train. Always having experienced the benefits from training fitness and martial arts myself, I wish these benefits for my clients as well.

I have been working as a personal trainer, health coach and nutrionist for almost a decade now. Being so personally involved in my clients’ process and personal life is what makes my work the best job there is. I was truly able to make my work out of my passion. After working at several locations it was time to open up my own place. So here we are today, at Resnick’s Personal Health Studio!’

Onno Bruynen
Trainer onno.jpg


Meet trainer Onno Bruynen! 

Onno Bruynen is an experienced personal trainer with over a decade of expertise in the fitness and health industry. He believes that training is more than just a physical activity but rather a tool that helps people to tap in to new possibilities. 
Onno is driven by his passion for movement and his desire to support his clients in achieving their personal growth goals through commitment and consistency. He provides dedicated guidance and motivation throughout the fitness journey, emphasising the importance of balance and individual well-being.
Choosing Onno as your personal trainer means gaining access to his expertise and support as you work toward achieving your fitness and health goals

Agnes Ricatto


Meet trainer, female cycle coach & dietician Agnes Ricatto! 

'My name is Agnes and I'm the founder of The Palmtree Lifestyle. I am beyond excited to be joining Resnick's Personal Health Studio to contribute to the mission of offering a place where you have every expert under one roof.

I have been working for the past years with (mostly female) clients from all different walks of life (young women, pregnant women, new mums, menopause, women on birth control, women in fertility treatment) to figure out lifestyle recommendations that will lead them to become the best version they can be and most importantly that those changes will last a lifetime.

As a menstrual cycle coach, what sets my methods apart is the fact that I have been incorporating the latest research, findings and technology around the menstrual cycle in order for my clients to get a better understanding of the changes that are happening on a monthly basis to their bodies.
I touch on aspects of nutrition, fitness and mental health, to work out solutions which will work for, instead of against their flow.

Don't be shy, let's get in touch and see if we can make those changes to your life that you have been looking for.


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